Rebecca Lee, MFA

Rebecca is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, where she studied English and Creative Writing. In October 2020, Rebecca was accepted into an MFA program with Queens University of Charlotte. Before settling down in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Rebecca and her family had the pleasure of living around the world. Some of their destinations included Africa, Germany, and South Korea. She realized her love for writing at the age of seven when she wrote her first book as a class assignment while living in Germany. Rebecca has published many articles with The Borgen Project, first starting as an intern, and then moved on to Feature Writer. Rebecca takes pride in her amazing ability to be sarcastic at any moment. Rebecca is now working as a Policy Analyst and Op-Ed Writer for Robert Weiner Associates, as well as an Editorial Assistant with QU Magazine. She is currently working on a fantasy novel entitled Skilled Beings and a collection of poetry.

Male Celebrity Feminists: 4 Famous Men Fighting for Women's Rights

Who says that men can’t be feminists? Many male celebrities are joining their female counterparts in fighting for women’s rights. This includes battling major societal issues such as equal pay or sexual abuse in the workplace. Here are four male celebrity feminists aiding in the fight against sexism and advocating for equal rights. In 2018, Benedict Cumberbatch joined many other male celebrity feminists when he made headlines during an interview with Radio Times. Cumberbatch suggested that he w

How I Became My Own Superwoman After My Abusive Relationship

CONTENT WARNING: This personal essay details emotional abuse and makes mention of physical abuse. If you or anyone you know is in an abusive relationship, please look into the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which has phone and text options. After leaving an abusive relationship, I was struggling to find who I was without a man in my life. I was struggling to heal. I was struggling; trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and who I wanted to be. I was trying to be my own super

Food Delivery in Developing Countries

In distressed communities, the poor often find themselves in situations where there is very little food, caused by issues such as war zones, natural disasters or a lack of healthy, sanitary markets. There are many different organizations that continue to aid in food delivery in developing countries in some of the most oppressed areas. Although these only offer temporary solutions and the main goal is to help the vulnerable learn how to grow their own sustainable, healthy foods, these organizations are there to help in the most urgent times of need.

Girls' Education in Bangladesh

For many developing countries, gender inequality is a massive issue, with most biases about women’s “roles” starting at birth. These prejudices affect the economy, sustainability and education. Girls’ education in Bangladesh is severely devalued, creating a limited amount of roles for girls later in life. Since the 1990s, Bangladesh has seen a steady improvement in enrollment, but there is still work to be done to ensure girls and boys alike have equal access to education.

Creating Sustainability: Four Organizations Building Homes Abroad

One of the most sizable problems surrounding poverty in vulnerable countries is the lack of clean, sustainable and sturdy homes. When communities are provided with little to no housing, it can cause an abundance of other problems such as unsanitary facilities, streets and a lack of clean water. However, there are different organizations actively combating this problem by volunteering their time and effort to building homes abroad.

The Relationship Between Vaccines and Poverty Prevention

In low-income countries, millions of people are plagued by diseases that could easily be obviated. Vaccines and poverty prevention go hand in hand. These are five ways that providing vaccines can prevent and reduce poverty. Access to vaccinations provides health benefits for the less fortunate and puts them in a better position to go to school or work. When children are started on a vaccination schedule early on, they are more likely to remain in good health and be able to attend school.

How the US Benefits from Foreign Aid to the Maldives

How the US Benefits from Foreign Aid to the Maldives The U.S. established diplomatic relations with the Maldives when the country became independent in 1966. The Maldives and the U.S. have preserved a positive alliance while working together to assist the Maldives in correcting their social and ecological complications. The U.S. benefits from foreign aid to the Maldives, and both countries see beneficial developments while providing aid to other nations.

Five Strategies for Poverty Reduction in Brazil

SEATTLE — The country of Brazil has seen an increase in income in recent years by rising to fame with its Brazilian soap operas and talented soccer athletes. Besides all of the talent that resides in Brazil, it is actively seeking ways to reduce its poverty rates by implementing different programs and resources. Poverty reduction in Brazil is an important method of improving the country. These are five ways Brazil is fighting to reduce its poverty rates.